Ohio Valley Electric Corporation (OVEC) and its wholly owned subsidiary, Indiana-Kentucky Electric Corporation (IKEC), collectively, the Companies, were organized on October 1, 1952. The Companies were formed by investor-owned utilities furnishing electric service in the Ohio River Valley area and their parent holding companies for the purpose of providing the large electric power requirements projected for the uranium enrichment facilities then under construction by the Atomic Energy Commission (AEC) near Portsmouth, Ohio.

OVEC, AEC and OVECís owners or their utilitycompany affiliates (called Sponsoring Companies) entered into power agreements to ensure the availability of the AECís substantial power requirements. On October 15, 1952, OVEC and AEC executed a 25-year agreement, which was later extended through December 31, 2005 (DOE Power Agreement). On September 29, 2000, the DOE gave OVEC notice of cancellation of the DOE Power Agreement. On April 30, 2003, the DOE Power Agreement terminated in accordance with the notice of cancellation.

OVEC and the Sponsoring Companies signed an Inter-Company Power Agreement (ICPA) on July 10, 1953, to support the DOE Power Agreement and provide for excess energy sales to the Sponsoring Companies of power not utilized by the DOE or its predecessors. Since the termination of the DOE Power Agreement on April 30, 2003, OVECís entire generating capacity has been available to the Sponsoring Companies under the terms of the ICPA. The Sponsoring Companies and OVEC entered into an Amended and Restated ICPA, effective as of August 11, 2011, which extends its term to June 30, 2040.

OVECís Kyger Creek Plant at Cheshire, Ohio, and IKECís Clifty Creek Plant at Madison, Indiana, have nameplate generating capacities of 1,086,300 and 1,303,560 kilowatts, respectively. These two generating stations, both of which began operation in 1955, are connected by a network of 705 circuit miles of 345,000- volt transmission lines. These lines also interconnect with the major power transmission networks of several of the utilities serving the area.

The Current Shareholders and their respective percentages of equity in OVEC are: Current Share Holders

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